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14K Gold plated Grips 

material: Stainless Steel 


Screws Not Included


Fits Full Size 1911's only they will not fit compact 1911’s. These grips are standard thickness, they are NOT slim grips. If your gun comes with slim bushings and/or slim screws, you will need standard bushings and standard screws.


FITS FULL SIZE 1911's, 1911 Government model (Fullsize Standard 1911) Colt series 80, Colt Series 70, Colt Combat Elite, Colt Delta Elite, Colt Competition, Colt Gold cup, Kimber Custom Series, Kimber Gold Match Series, Kimber Raptor, Kimber Stainless II, Kimber Two Tone II, Kimber Warrior, Kimber Eclipse, Kimber TLE II RL, Kimber TLE II, Kimber Covert, Remington R1, Ruger 1911SR, Taurus PT1911, Rock Island GI, Rock Island TCM single stack “FS”, Springfield Armory Mil Spec 1911, Springfield Armory Operator, Springfield Armory Loaded, Springfield Armory Range Officer, Springfield Armory Range Officer Elite Target, Springfield Armory TRP, Wilson CQB, Wilson Tactical Carry, Wilson Protector, Wilson XTAC, Dan Wesson Bruin, Dan Wesson Valor, Dan Wesson Pointman series, Dan Wesson Discretion, Smith & Wesson SW1911 FULL frame series, Ed Brown Kobra, Ed Brown Executive Target, Ed Brown Special Forces, Cabot 1911’s, Les Baer Premier II, Nighthawk Enforcer, Nighthawk Falcon, Nighthawk GRP, Nighthawk Predator, STI Trojan, Sig Sauer Scorpion full size, Sig Sauer Match Elite, Sig Sauer STX Full Size, Sig Sauer TACOPS… 1911 Commander Model (Fullsize Standard 1911) Kimber PRO Series, Colt Commander, Springfield Champion models, Wilson CQB Commander, Sig Sauer Carry models that are not round butt configuration, Dan Wesson Commander Valor and Commander Specialist. WHAT IS GERMAN SILVER? is a copper alloy with nickel and often zinc.

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